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Step into your inner ocean

Discover places inside yourself you’ve never been.

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How does this work?

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PORTALS aren’t a balm for temporary relief. They are designed to deeply resolve and move through the human experience in an entirely new way.

Also kown as spatial audio, 3D audio, immersive audio. Discover the difference.

The Quantum Theater story-based modality is unique in how it works. Find out more!

Swim in the oceans you long for

OUR Mission

After providing hundreds of 1 on 1 healing sessions, each one a unique art piece on its own, it became clear that The Quantum Theater format wanted to become something more accessible to more people. Our mission is to create a significant library of adventures, entertaining enough to be fun and deep enough to be transformational. Let's play!

A Special Opportunity for Sensory Deprivation Enthusiasts

Love Float tanks?

We’re excited to share our FractalBath series, designed especially for the float tank enthusiasts out there.

Go into the depths of your story

Resolve family Dynamics

Our first complete “Album”, is called “AngelBeat: Awakening from the Family Dream”. 

Experience your relationships from all new angles, in order to break the spell of identification with the “old you”.