Our new .theater domain!

In our branding process, we began with .audio but moved to .theaterĀ  – why?

It has become more obvious that PORTALS need to only be limited to audio, but may be delivered in a variety of ways. Maybe some ways that haven’t even been invented yet. Maybe VR. Maybe live. We will see.

Additionally, PORTALS.theater now redirects to portals.quantum.theater – why?

Quantum Theater Portals is a demonstration and integration of The Quantum Theater modality and it is important to represent the relationship properly between these and to keep them connected.

We are excited to move forward consistently in bringing powerful transformational content. Thanks for joining us!

Joshua and The Quantum Theater PORTALS Team

What are Portals?

PORTALS are active energy centers, formulated into an audio recording.

Inspired by The Quantum Theater format, they are aimed at addressing and resolving certain mental/emotional loops once and for all.

They can of course be experienced several times for a deeper effect if desired.

PORTALS are also designed to be fun. Something that can even be experienced with others (people who you are comfortable going with on a deeply inward journey).

They are also components of The Quantum Theater Game, coming soon.

Resolving Issues at the Root

Typical modern psychology and conventional “wellness” advice tends to be providing strategies and coping mechanisms for calming the nervous system. This is helpful in times of need, and it has its place. However, true growth and evolution come from resolving trauma from the root of the issue. Stories lingering in the cells, violence and pain sitting frozen in the deep layers of the mind. This material needs to be thawed, moved, and transformed into light. Quantum Theater PORTALS are designed to do just that, through highly intimate, yet entertaining and safe experiences.

Results may vary, of course, we are only able to address what is ready to be addressed in each session.

What is NFT/ Crypto Art?

The team is exploring various methods of distribution.

Because these quantum experiences can be intuitively aimed at the energy of an individual, or a family, a holiday, a country, etc – there is a possibility of creating custom experiences just for these purposes.

The new NFT (non-fungible token) technology is a great way to connect each experience with a value that is resell-able as a digital collector’s item. Even a live event can be purchased as an NFT if it results in a digital recording.

What is Ambisonic Audio?

Ambisonic Audio, also known as “3D”, “8D”, “immersive”, or “Spatial” is an audio format which is designed with multiple axis rather than the typical simplicity of only “left and right” stereo. These virtual surround sound mixed tracks can be listened to on headphones, or in speaker arrays of 4-16 or even more speakers surrounding participants.

Hollywood movies and some music tracks are being mixed in this way to give a true-to-life sensation of being surrounded by an audio experience to the left, right, in front, behind, above, and below the listener.

The 8D term comes from the idea that ambisonic audio can be sourced from 2 top front sources, 2 bottom front sources, 2 top back sources, and 2 bottom back sources. These “sources” are all virtual and can be heard on a simple pair of headphones.

When Ambisonic audio is linked to movement information, such as with a motion sensor on a VR headset, the experience can shift the audio sources along with the movement of a listener’s head to create a sense of them truly being inside a virtual environment.

The Ambisonic format is an amazing tool for the Quantum Audio PORTALS to help catalyze energies in specific areas of a lister’s energy field – to loosen up stagnant thoughts and to create awareness in critical areas of life using a combination of Quantum Theater storytelling and spatial orientation.

Thanks for your visit and feel free to contact us with any questions!

What is the Quantum Theater?

The Quantum Theater is a storytelling format designed to create deeper self-awareness, catalyze healing, and resolve lingering traumatic energies.

Whether a story is comedic, romantic, adventurous, or a combination of themes – there is a unique set of healing possibilities in each genre.

In addition to the recorded tracks on this website, it is also possible to have highly personalized sessions to resolve unique individual issues in a short amount of time.

More information about the Quantum Theater (and self-discovery related writings) can be discovered on the Quantum Theater website.