What are Portals?

PORTALS are active energy centers, formulated into an audio recording.

Inspired by The Quantum Theater format, they are aimed at addressing and resolving certain mental/emotional loops once and for all.

They can of course be experienced several times for a deeper effect if desired.

PORTALS are also designed to be fun. Something that can even be experienced with others (people who you are comfortable going with on a deeply inward journey).

They are also components of The Quantum Theater Game, coming soon.

What is the Quantum Theater?

The Quantum Theater is a storytelling format designed to create deeper self-awareness, catalyze healing, and resolve lingering traumatic energies.

Whether a story is comedic, romantic, adventurous, or a combination of themes – there is a unique set of healing possibilities in each genre.

In addition to the recorded tracks on this website, it is also possible to have highly personalized sessions to resolve unique individual issues in a short amount of time.

More information about the Quantum Theater (and self-discovery related writings) can be discovered on the Quantum Theater website.