Ambisonic Audio, also known as “3D”, “8D”, “immersive”, or “Spatial” is an audio format which is designed with multiple axis rather than the typical simplicity of only “left and right” stereo. These virtual surround sound mixed tracks can be listened to on headphones, or in speaker arrays of 4-16 or even more speakers surrounding participants.

Hollywood movies and some music tracks are being mixed in this way to give a true-to-life sensation of being surrounded by an audio experience to the left, right, in front, behind, above, and below the listener.

The 8D term comes from the idea that ambisonic audio can be sourced from 2 top front sources, 2 bottom front sources, 2 top back sources, and 2 bottom back sources. These “sources” are all virtual and can be heard on a simple pair of headphones.

When Ambisonic audio is linked to movement information, such as with a motion sensor on a VR headset, the experience can shift the audio sources along with the movement of a listener’s head to create a sense of them truly being inside a virtual environment.

The Ambisonic format is an amazing tool for the Quantum Audio PORTALS to help catalyze energies in specific areas of a lister’s energy field – to loosen up stagnant thoughts and to create awareness in critical areas of life using a combination of Quantum Theater storytelling and spatial orientation.

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